Dan Ardelean

Dan Ardelean is the Area Tech Lead for Search Infrastructure and a VP of Engineering at Google. As Area Tech Lead, Dan sets direction across Google’s Search Infrastructure, overseas technical architecture, design, and deployment across Google Search’s platform. Before joining Search, Dan led the engineering organization for Google Workspace’s Communication products, including Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Groups, Currents, and, more recently, Messages, Duo, and Dialer. Dan was also Google Workspace’s Area Tech Lead. Dan’s Google tenure, spanning over 16 years, started in Ads, where he built the content repository and analysis for AdSense. Before Dan started leading engineering for Apps/G Suite Communications, he worked on VoIP, led a complete rewrite of the Gmail backend, created the transactional layer on which both Gmail and Drive run, and created the Apps ATL team.

Amer Diwan

Amer Diwan leads the Forensics teams within Search Platforms and is the Area Tech Lead (ATL) for Performance and Capacity for Search Infrastructure. Before joining Search, Amer was the Chief Architect of the Hub (now known as Workspace). Prior to joining Google, Amer was a professor at the University of Colorado, where his research focused on programmer productivity tools.

JJ Furman

JJ Furman is the founder and creator of Megastore, a system that scaled to support applications as large as Gmail and Drive.  He has contributed to many critical distributed systems at Google, including Spanner. He is currently working on next-generation search infrastructure.